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Dance Physio

Balmain Sports Medicine now offers physiotherapy assessment, rehabilitation and modified training programs tailored to the unique demands of dancers and performing artists.

The high volumes and intensity of dance training results in a very high prevalence of chronic and overuse-type injuries in comparison to other sports. This can result in significant time lost in classes and rehearsals, and potentially performances.

Sports Physiotherpaist, Louisa McGinness has 17 years of dance training, including ballet, jazz, contemporary, partnering and pointe work. She has worked as the physiotherapist for the Top 20 competitors of So You Think You Can Dance in 2014, and was the fulltime physiotherapist for Matilda the Musical during the company's Sydney and Melbourne Seasons.

She has extensive experience in treating performers from beginner to professional level.

We perform pre-pointe assessments for dancers who are planning to commence pointe work, as well as tertiary entrance screening assessments required prior to auditioning for many full time dance programs.

Pre-Pointe Assessments

Pre-pointe screening assessments determine if dancers considering commencing dancing en pointe have sufficient range of motion, strength and technical control to safety begin pointe work. Any deficits in strength, technique or control identified during the assessment will be addressed with a tailored strengthening program. The Dancer and their relevant teachers will be provided with a written report outlinging the results of their assessment.

Tailored rehabilitation

At Balmain Sports Medicine; physiotherapy assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation is conducted with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the unique demands of technique, strength, and range of motion required from dancers.

As with all high level athletes, we aim to maintain the dancers' strength and fitness by facilitating modified training wherever possible, to minimise deconditioning and loss of technique, strength and fitness.

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