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Improving your individual health and well-being for the demands of daily life and exercise is dependent on optimal nutrition advice. A healthy diet has to be one that is enjoyable, practical, realistic and sustainable in the long term. Our aim is to take our knowledge of food, eating behaviours and sports nutrition strategies and assist you in adapting them to fit your individual circumstances. This is done individually (one to one), with partners / family, and / or group presentations to provide an exciting, all-round approach to nutrition and dietary choices. A referral from your general practitioner is not required to see our dietitian.

Nutrition & Hydration Collaboration for Optimal Athletic Performance

Our sports dietitians help optimize nutrition and hydration practices in order for you to maxmise your performance. This will involve working closely with you to determine your nutritional requirements for your individual training, competition and recovery needs, as well as meet your body composition goals and help prevent nutritional deficiency over long seasons. One size certainly does not fit all with our recommendations, with variations among athletes competing in the same sports common.

Achieving Body Composition Goals

Athletes / active individuals have a range of priorities when it comes to body composition: bulking up for power and strength, losing fat mass (& total body mass) for speed and agility, or maintaining a low body weight while recovering from an injury.

Although genetics and training play important roles in achieving a desired physique, a comprehensive assessment is needed to determine a person's requirements, and on which to base recommendations. Advice on macronutrient intake (carbohydrates, protein, fats), timing / frequency of eating and supplement use will all vary depending on your body composition goals and total daily energy expenditure.

Maintaining Energy Levels

At individual levels, variations are seen from day to day, depending on our daily activities, which includes our 'work' and 'play'. Specialist advice is required so factors such as lifestyle, food intolerances, food likes / dislikes, culture and food preparation skills are considered to manage your energy levels and minimise fatigue. Meals, snacks and hydration need to be strategically placed around your work and training needs to ensure adequate fuelling and recovery throughout your entire day.

Special Dietary Requirements

Dietary requirements for a range of medical / health related issues, such as coeliac disease, diabetes, high cholesterol / blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders, irritable bowel syndrome and food intolerances, which often go undiagnosed, require closer monitoring to prevent nutritional deficiencies. People should not be restricting their intake or avoiding certain food groups without the guidance of a sports dietitian, as other long term health complications (osteoporosis, infertility etc) may be at risk.

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