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Nutrition for Team Sport

Monday 18 March 2019   |   07:00am - 08:30pm

It's nearly that time of year, when all the team sports are starting back up again. Whether you're finishing preseason, or just getting started with training, having your nutrition on track makes a huge difference to your performance throughout the season.

Get your ticket now for our upcoming seminar, hosted by Accredited Sports Dietitian, Anthony Glanville, from the Health & Performance Collective. You can learn all about the key sports nutrition goals to help you perform in your team sport: 

- The role of nutrition in your training, and day to day life

- What to eat before training to fuel up

- Managing body composition

- How to recover effectively

- What to do on game day

- How to plan your nutrition to get the most out of it

- Sample bags of goodies

Register now by clicking here.

Location BSM - Physio Gym


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