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Level 2 Therapeutic Yoga (APPI Pilates)

Saturday 02 June 2018   |   09:00am - 05:00pm

The Unite Health Therapeutic Yoga (Level 2) course builds on the foundational principles introduced in Level 1. This course will enable health professionals to build on the physical poses, breathing and meditation techniques delivered in one on one programs as well as developing the skills to manage teaching small group sessions. Therapeutic Yoga Level 2 includes new intermediate level poses, breathing and mindfulness techniques which will facilitate postural education, correct movement patterning and most importantly awareness of the body, mind and breath that the practice of yoga aims to develop. 

The difference between Yin and Yang Yoga are explored in the level 2 course with a discussion around the benefits of the different styles and how they can be applied to different client's needs. Yoga, meditation and mundfulness have been taught to increase self-awareness for centuries. This ancient tradition provides movements and techniques to support the growing demands of modern life. These powerful practices can be used preventatively to increase self-awareness as well as rehabilitation of the body and stress reduction for the mind. It is a potent compliment to any client program.

This course is designed to ensure that health professionals using foundational skills from level one can further developed the teaching skills required to offer small group classes and address the needs of multilpe clients. This is taught through a variety of teaching methods with a strong focus on participation in practical activities, clinical case studies and opportunities to practice teaching. 

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Cost: $654.50 inc. GST


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