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With several APA Sports Physiotherapists and Pilates qualified Physiotherapists on staff you will benefit from state of the art management of your sports injuries. This includes a thorough initial assessment, accurate diagnosis, an individualised rehabilitation program (utilising our on-site gymnasium) and a graduated return to sport exercise program, to enable an efficient and successful return to your sporting demands. In order to achieve this, physiotherapy services may include the appropriate provision of:

  • soft tissue mobilisation (massage)
  • dry needling
  • joint mobilisation / manipulation
  • muscle stretching
  • muscle strengthening / conditioning, including core stability & swiss ball exercises
  • proprioceptive / balance exercises
  • biomechanical assessment & correction of movement
  • sports strapping & bracing
  • graduated & progressive return to sport rehabilitation programs
  • ergonomic assessment & posture correction

A referral from your general practitioner is not required to see one of our physiotherapists.


Other Physiotherapy Services Include

  • Personal Strength & Conditioning Programs

    Our Physiotherapist's can prescribe personalised gym strength program to assist with sports and athletic performance, injury rehabilitation and prevention, as well as introduction programs for novice or young gym users. The program consists of an initial assessment, prescription of the gym program and training calendar and subsequent sessions to follow up on the program, modify lifting techniques and progress strength exercises.

  • Game Ready - Faster Healing, Better Recovery

    The Game Ready System combines Intermittent Compression with Circumferential Cold Therapy. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) has long been used to treat acute and chronic injury and to assist in the recovery and rehabilitation after Orthopaedic surgery. Developed by scientists and doctors using proprietary NASA space suit technology, the Game Ready System simultaneously delivers both adjustable cold therapy and intermittent compression.

  • Home Visit Physiotherapy

    If you are unable to attend our practice rooms, then we also offer a mobile service for aged care and acute neural or fracture management physiotherapy in the convenience of your own home setting. Home visits offer families the undivided attention of a health professional away from a busy hospital ward or clinic in the security and privacy of their own home. This provides the opportunity for less hurried discussions about practical issues the client or family may wish to discuss regarding their ongoing management. Please contact our administration staff to organise a convenient time.

  • Get Fit 2 Ski

    'Get Fit 2 Ski' is a six week program of ski-specific exercises designed to improve your fitness, strength, coordination, balance and reaction time. This will allow you to maximize your ski fitness and prevent avoidable ski injuries in your upcoming ski season. The program commences in June each year and requires you to register with our administration office, as places are limited due to space and safety requirements.

  • Hydrotherapy

    Hydrotherapy is a physiotherapy based exercise class in water, designed to use the properties of water (buoyancy, warmth and resistance) to relieve pain, decrease joint stiffness, strengthen muscles and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Hydrotherapy can assist people with arthritic (and other inflammatory conditions), painful joints, joint replacement, back / neck pain and general musculoskeletal injuries. See one of our physiotherapists to get an individually tailored exercise program.

  • Workshops and Education

    We offer a wide range of health and fitness seminars including:

    • Safe Manual Handling
    • Smart Workstations
    • Importance of Posture
    • Exercise in the Workplace
    • Principals of Safe Lifting
    • Managing Low Back Pain
    • Benefits of Exercise
    • Exercise and Kids
    • Optimise Your Athletic Performance
    • Young Mums: Preventing Injuries

    Each seminar can be modified for groups of any size, with interactions, demonstrations and active audience participation encouraged.  Seminars are individually tailored for sporting clubs, corporate employers, student groups, community centres and schools.  Fees for seminars are available upon request with our administration staff.

  • Musculoskeletal Athlete Screenings

    At Balmain Sports Medicine we offer a wide variety of musculoskeletal screening assessments and programs for individual athletes and sporting teams. The aim of these screenings is to identify potential sources for injuries before they become a problem, teach techniques to ensure these identified problems are managed correctly and insure optimal physical performance and enjoyment for your chosen sport. Please contact our administration for more information or to make an appointment.

  • Cervical Pillow Assessment

    A Cervical Pillow Assessment determines the best way to support your neck while you are sleeping, allowing you to sleep more comfortably and improve your function throughout the day. Following an examination of your body type, neck range of movement and joint mobility / stiffness, our physiotherapists will make recommendations regarding the preferred pillow types for you, based on an extensive understanding of neck anatomy / pathology, sleeping postures and the very latest scientific evidence available, so as to provide optimal support for your neck while you are sleeping. We keep a selective range of reasonably priced cervical support pillows, allowing you to choose the one that feels the most comfortable for you. Please note that there is no direct treatment involved.

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